LUX360 Testimonials

Siobhan Duffy (Chicago, IL)

Just completed my second purchase usingLUX360. Matt and his team do an amazing job, and really take a lot of the stress and hassle out of what should be a fun experience. I was able to lease a brand-new Mercedes for $88 less a month than what I was being quoted at the dealership I was looking to purchase from initially. Can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Alexis Jones (Atlanta, GA)

I have used their services twice, once to purchase a brand new custom X5 BMW and again recently to lease a car in a totally different state. Both times, Stacy was awesome and provided 5-star customer service as well as even giving advice on other things including car shipping, at no cost, but just as a favor. I would highly recommend LUX to anyone who wants to make car buying easy and painless.

Jacqueline Johnson (BuckHead, GA)

This is a great service. Oren was nothing but nice, helpful and a calming force in what could be a stressful transaction. Not only did he save me money but my old car was picked up and my new car was delivered on my schedule. No more hassling with car salespeople again. You get a great service, you save money, and you save a lot of aggravation. I had my old Jaguar for 13 years and Nikola made it easy to say goodbye to an my baby and welcome in a nice new car Jaguar with Park assist! I highly recommend LUX360.

Michael Smith (Orland Park, IL)

BEST SERVICE EVER!!!!!! I really don’t like car dealers. They are sleazy, pushy, and mostly dishonest. Eric and his staff took all the stress and awkwardness out of leasing a car. I’ve gotten my last 4 cars with their help and I will never do it alone again. You won’t be disappointed and their services are worth every penny. Tell them what you want and watch the magic happen!!!!!

Minnie Sterling (Evanston, IL)

Logan helped us lease two and buy one car over the past six months. From Lexus to BMW, he was patient, diligent and successful in getting us great deals. Rather than spending hours in dealerships trying to make deals, we had cars delivered to our home, hassle-free. The fee charged is well worth the service provided and may have ended up saving us money (and many headaches!) in the end.

Marilyn Jackson (Marietta, GA)

A week after buying my car, I feel inclined to write this review and express how pleased I am with choosing Authority Auto. Allan and his team deliver on their promises and helped me get the car i have had my eye on for a long time at a price that the dealer simply said wasn’t going to happen. The bottom line is these guys are professionals at what they do and really make the whole car buying process much more pleasant while reducing your costs. Highly recommended!