Free Car Deal Review

We Make Your Best Deal A Better One
Here is how our 100% FREE Deal Review Service works:
  1. You go out and get the best possible final offer on your own!
  2. Contact us for a FREE consultation!
  3. Our team will review your deal for free to make sure you are not overpaying!
  4. If we get you a better deal we split the difference of what was saved! (Example below)
  5. If we cannot improve your deal at least you get a free second opinion from our experts and know you got the best deal possible on your own.
You Pay our fee with your saving

For example, if we improve your deal by $3,000, our fee would be $1,000 and your net savings would be a $1,000 more from what you thought was the best deal. If we save you $5,000 our fee would be $2,000 and your net savings would be $3,000. If we cannot beat your deal, you pay us nothing. Regardless of what we save you, our fee will not exceed $2,000.00.

  • Provide a copy of a written quotation from your dealer, including all fees, taxes and MSRP; LUX360 will split the difference of what we save you from your best deal!!